Q1: Some of your artwork says “Sagojyou”. Why is that?

A1: My previous username was Sagojyou, and I haven’t changed it on my past artwork yet. But it’s my artwork.


Q2: How long have you been drawing for?

A2: I have been drawing since 2 or 3 years old, but it became a serious hobby in my junior year of high school.


Q3: Do you like digital art or traditional art?

A3: I like both! Digital takes more time but it has better results; traditional is quicker, but I can’t ctrl+z.


Q4: Why do you draw?

A4: I draw because it allows me to express myself through art. I want to share my values/thoughts/ideas through my own drawing.


Q5: My questions weren’t answered! Where can I ask you questions?

A5: Please click “Contact Akira” and feel free to ask me questions!


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