Art Commission

Would you like to see your favorite characters or
OCs in my adorable, approachable style?
(I’ve been told on dA and in person that my style
is like that; adorable and approachable :aww:)

Imagine those ‘cool’ characters drawn in my cute styles :D
Here are some examples of my art from past cons I’ve attended!
Sakura-con 2013 Commissions/Request/Art Trades by AkirasArtWorld Aki-con 2012 Commissions by AkirasArtWorld
Sakura-con 2012 Commissions by AkirasArtWorld
Like you can see above, you can ask to draw pretty much
anything, and you have many choices of style
(sketch/lineart/colored) to choose from! :heart:

The lowest starts at $7/700 points per character!

If you choose a traditional commission,
you can get it sent to you for
just $3 shipping! :D It’s all yours!

As a bonus: if you commission me 3 times, you will get the
4th commission FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
(less or equal value of the most expensive commission you got)

So if you would like a fanart or drawings of your OCs in a cute,
inviting style
, please send me a note about what you like!

More specific information:
:bulletpink: I’ll draw anything from fanart to OCs as long as I have reference(s)
:bulletpink: I won’t draw: Ecchi/Hentai, Yaoi/Yuri, Robots/Mechanical stuff, Old people, Muscular people

:bulletred: I accept PayPal
:bulletwhite: Specify Digital or Traditional (traditional I can send you the actual drawing)


:bulletorange: If you would like a commission, please contact me through Contact Me, with the title “Art Commission.”Please pay half up front, I’ll sketch and show you it, pay the other half, and I’ll finish the drawing.


:heart:Digital or traditional Chibi Lineart $7 (+ $5 per additional character)

For Gangster-Joey by AkirasArtWorld

:heart:Digital Full-body Lineart $10 (+ $8 per additional character)

:heart:Traditional $9 per character (+ $7 per additional character)

Commission for PBGrandiaFan by AkirasArtWorld Kagamine Kyoudai by AkirasArtWorld

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: Colored :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

:heart: Digital Chibi $15  (+$12 per additional characters)

:heart:Traditional $14  (+$10 per additional characters)

Commission for Dii-Pixels by AkirasArtWorld For PeorthMoon by AkirasArtWorld Chibi Dualrivalshipping by AkirasArtWorld

:heart:Digital Full-body $25 (+$15 per additional characters)

:heart:Traditional $20 (+$13 per additional characters)

Commission for Maria-DM by AkirasArtWorld 2013: Year of Luigi by AkirasArtWorld ...! by AkirasArtWorld BW2 Dualrivalshipping by AkirasArtWorld No.16 Rafael x Marie by AkirasArtWorld Visorshipping x Starters by AkirasArtWorld

Thanks for considering! :heart:


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