Japanese/English Translation Commission

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to communicate with your favorite Japanese anime artists or wondered what certain Japanese lyrics say or what fantastic Japanese pixiv artists are writing?

Imagine, what if you could talk to
those amazing Japanese artists in native Japanese?
And even better, have a conversation with them?

You can get Japanese to English/English to
Japanese translation by me, Sagojyou!

I have translated for many people on dA, such as:
:icondaichikawacemi: – The Mechanical Horse
:iconchikorita85: – Chocolate with Pepper
:iconluo-qin: – Pokemon BW doujinshi/Japanese comments/etc.

Imagine if you could get your favorite
anime audio CDs or doujinshis translated!
You get to learn about the characters
even more in-depth and fall in love with them!

You can ask me to translate any of the followings:
:bulletred: Fanmade manga/doujinshi
:bulletorange: Audio CDs/Books (with a detailed time stamp)
:bulletyellow: Comments you’d like to shoot at to
Japanese artists via social media (tweet, pixiv, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Must be appropriate (no hentai/ecchi/etc)

The lowest price starts at just $5 per comment/tweet!
For more complicated/longer material, you can talk to me and we can discuss it (it can range from $5-$35+).

Your product will be extremely-high quality because you are getting it translated by a native Japanese and English speaker, and the work will always be double-(and triple!) checked. So quality is assured!

Payments can be made via paypal or points ($1=100 points), whichever method is convenient for you!
You can send me a note with what you’d like to have translated, and we can go from there!

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