My name is Akira L. I create my own mangas and OCs, as well as occasional fanart.

I made a deviantart account in 2009. I have been using it as my main art site since then, but in 2016 I decided that I want my own page mainly for my mangas.

Also in 2016 I decided to face the fact that I have anxiety tendency (so not quite diagnosed as “anxiety”). That has been a struggle this fall, but I am slowly recovering from it.

When I’m not drawing, I love:

  • Watching anime/cartoons (Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, Saiki Kusuo no Sainan, etc.)
  • Watch videos of my favorite Youtubers (Smosh, Domics, Strictly Dumpling/Double Chen, and any Buzzfeed videos)
  • Playing videogames (All-time favorite console is SNES, fave game on it is Donkey Kong Country 2)
  • Playing Pokemon (This gets its own bullet because I have loved Pokemon since the beginning. I have completed the National Pokedex three times, and have  two living dex [on Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire]) SO EXCITED FOR POKEMON SUN/MOON!
  • Reading. I love reading inspirational books.
  • Yoga. I’ve told myself “IM NEVER GONNA DO YOGA” and finally gave into it after I got told about my anxiety tendency, and it’s been helping big time.
  • Blogging. I’m a native Japanese so I blog in Japanese from time to time, posting about vegan things.
  • Tumblr/twitter/other social media. You can find me on tumblr @akirasartworld and twitter @Akiras_ArtWorld.